Monday, December 1, 2008

Well I am freaking tired!!!! Today is the first day back from a very nice break! Well on thanksgiving I went to my grandparents house, it was very fun. I saw all of my cousins. That was really fun. I had so much food to eat. My cousin and I had a competition to see who could gain the most weight. I won by a lot, I gained 6 pounds and he gained 2. I ran it all off. I did not want this break to be over! I wish that it was wednesday today! Well there always has to be some sad news along with happy news. One of my grandparents dog got hit and killed. It was really really sad! well I have a bunch of math to do. So peace out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things About Me

Well I have to tell you about something different about my self. I am the only boy in my family. Well we had a dog that was a boy but he died about three months ago. He was just old and it was time to put him to sleep. There is my dad he is my dad so I really cant call him a boy, he is more like a MAN! Well something different about me is that I love to cook! I try to cook when ever I get the chance. I love to cook! It's like a hobby. Am I good? I really don't know. I hope so but i never know. I love to snowmobile, I love about anything out doors. I love football I love my family, I love to hunt, I love a lot of things.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Family

Well when I was three, my parents got devorced. I was ok with it because my dad was cheating on my mom! I found that out about two years ago. I spent the remaining time at my grandparents house. About seven years later, my mom meet a guy named Craig Thompson! He is my step Dad. He is more of a dad than my biological dad. Craid has three daughters. Mallorey,Kelsey, and Mekenzie. I have my mom, Jodie and my sister Morgan.

Mallorey, she is 20 right now and she is going to school in St. George. She loves it down their. She has many friends and many boyfriends. She is going to Dixie State Collage, she used to work at the Entrada. She is currently working at a copy shop.

Kelsey, well Kelsey is the reble child in the family. She doesn't know right from wrong. She is very weird. She used to live with us, she moved with her mom about five months ago. It was a huge blessing to have.

Then theime, I love many things, I have a passion for football. I love football, on Sundays I go to church and come back and all I do on Sunday is watch football. I love to hunt, snowmobile, Golf, the sand dunes, girls, and I love to play basketball. Well I think that is all about me.

Morgan, she is what we call her a loud person. She never is not talking, she talks continuously. She has many friends. She has very attractive friends but they are all too young for me. She is my favorite sister!

Mekenzie, well she is our little miss angle. She is never in trouble and always, always doing what she is supposed to! She has many friends and many many guys that like her.

I am very bored so I think I am going to study for a Quiz!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Talley ROX

Hey my name is Austin! I am Seventeen, I love to snowmobile, I love to hunt, I love anything to do with the outdoors. I love sports, football and baseball are two of my favorites, I also like to golf!